Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Won!! I Won!!

I'm so excited and honored.. I won a blog giveaway.

It is beautiful. The giveaway was from Jen at "Little Scraps of Happiness" and I couldn't be more pleased.
It is a crocheted baby blanket.. super soft and so sweet.

I'm so jealous of people that have this talent.. My Mom (and her Mom) were big into knitting and crocheting.. but my Grandma is now gone and my Mom can't do it much anymore because of arthritis. I tried to learn from her when I was younger - but I'm a lefty and it was frustrating for me. I eventually gave up. She used to make us some really cool things.. even little tiny outfits and dresses for our barbies. The most recent thing she made me was some new potholders - my relatives will tell you, they are the BEST potholders around.

Maybe someday I'll try and learn again.. my Mom would like that. But for now.. I will just admire the beautiful work of others.

Thank you again Jennifer! I love it.
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