Sunday, July 19, 2009

My basket runneth over...

If you live in Arizona (or Utah) and don't participate in this produce co-op, you are crazy!

I recently started getting baskets from Bountiful Baskets. I am so impressed I just had to share. Here is a picture of everything that was in my basket yesterday.
Are you amazed? No.. well you will be when I tell you it was all for $15. Yeah.. you read that right. Ok, I'm stretching it a bit.. the items on the top there were part of an add on pack that I purchased. It was the "italian" pack. It included the eggplant, mushrooms, italian parsley, garlic, fresh basil and rosemary. That was an additional $7.

If you go to their site and register - it's totally free - and you'll start receiving the newsletters telling you about any additional specials that they are offering that week. They always have bread add ons that you can buy.. sometimes the Italian and I've also seen a Mexican add on. All the add on's are optional. You have to purchase your basket by 10pm on Wednesday for pickup Saturday morning.

This is a phenominal program - run by members of the co-op who all volunteer. I have already been cooking with it this weekend. And we are going to be grilling some of those veggies tonight!! YUMM

Ok.. and now to share something that I actually made since that is the reason for this blog right?!
I made these super cute purses.. already sold one of them (the leopard) last night.

Well, we are off now to a b'day party. Have a great week! Pin It