Friday, December 11, 2009

It's good to be....

My Neighbors! I know I've been a little absent from blogging lately, but I've been busy. I've been doing my next favorite thing.. baking.

I put together these packages for some of my neighbors.. the ones I like. LOL.

I made fudge, mexican wedding cakes and english toffee.. YUMMY!

Then.. in the bucket, I made chex mix. I have never made chex mix before and it was so very simple. I got the recipe here.
And in the small packages there are mini loafs of banana bread (my grandma's recipe) and pumpkin bread.
I made the super cute gift tags from a kit that I bought on Etsy from Sweetwater.
We will deliver when the boys get home from school today... can't wait.
Then - I will be doing some sewing tonight! I have barely been in the sewing room and I'm itching to get back in there!
Have a great weekend!

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Needled Mom said...

Oh yum. Wish I was a neighbor!

SueWis said...

Mmmm, toffee. Any houses for sale in your neighborhood? ;)

Dorrie said...

Looks yummy! And I totally get the whole "neighbors" thing! Have a fun sew in!

Maria said...

Oh Yum!!! Would be great to be your neighbor.

Val said...

Can I be your neighbor?? This sounds great. I am not doing any baking for Christmas due to my daughters wedding. I will have to make up for it next year. Did you receive your package yet?