Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh the JOY!!!

Christmas was fun this year! Even though we didn't have any extended family with us.. we managed to have a lot of laughs.. singing carols.. time to relax... good food.. and all around Joy!!

Here is my oldest, Joe, opening gifts on Christmas Eve. I think the picture says how happy he was and still is.
And here was Mike - I laugh every time I look at this picture of him. Have you ever seen a happier face??!!! And his hair too.. he looks like Lloyd Christmas.

And in case there was any doubt.. they love their Goofy Dolls. The blue is now officially "Bob" and the green is officially "George". They've been at their sides all day and night since they opened the boxes. Joe even told me that it's his favorite gift of all.

And finally.. in my peace and relaxation these last few days.. I've managed to make a new bag. It was from a new pattern that I bought this month from "The Tiny Seamstress". I like it.. but there are a few modifications I'd make if I make another one. It's very big.. I'll warn you now. It would make a chic Diaper Bag.. it's that big.
I have another new pattern that I'm going to try. Maybe today if I can work it in between the loads of laundry that have piled up this week.
We did have one incident though, my oldest had been complaining for a few days of not feeling well, and he finally "lost it" right on the carpet next to my bed around midnight Friday night. So I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to get the smell of vomit out of my carpet and room. I think I've done it! But it took me quite a few tries. Although it may need one or two more treatments today just to be sure.
Happy Sewing!!!
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Needled Mom said...

It looks like Christmas was wonderful and I am so glad that the illness held off until the happiness was past.

Maria said...

Oh what wonderful pics of the boys. They sure love their "Goofy Dolls" I hope Joe is better now and poor you having to clean up.
Nice bag,great colours.

Val said...

Those dolls are huge! Are you going to share how to make them. I hope your son gets better so he can enjoy the holidays. It never fails that one of mine always got sick when they were out of school. Did I hear sew in? Maybe not! I am ready whenever you are. I have been working on my sewing room.