Saturday, December 12, 2009

The proof is in the pudding..

I have finally packaged up my material for the virtual quilting bee! I have the month of December and have known for some time what pattern I would be using.. but life kept getting in the way. And then there was the math.. argh.. I had to sit down and figure out how much of each fabric for each individual block. I hope I did the calculations correctly!

They will be going in the mail tomorrow... I'm taking them to the self service post office.

The fabrics are all so pretty.. but you'll have to wait for a better picture until it's done. It's going to be worth the wait.. trust me.

And here is the pile of packages.. get ready Quilter Bees... stalk your mailman.. warm up those sewing machines! It's time to SEW!!!
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Needled Mom said...

Fun!!! I can't wait to see what becomes of those little packages.