Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Apron's are FUN

Like many of you - I've been on an apron kick lately. They are fun to make!

I made this one for someone I know.. but I won't say her name because she reads my blog and I don't want her to know. But I will be seeing her at Easter - I can deliver it then.

The color in the picture didn't turn out very good. It is more "Brown" in person - not so plum.

I found this pattern at a quilt store near me. But now I'm ready to move on to a different pattern. Do you know of any easy/fun apron patterns?? Pin It


Impera Magna said...

I made a fun apron for my DIL from Cabbage Rose pattern: Sassy Little Apron!

The pattern comes in three sizes (adult, plus size adult, and children) and turned out very cool.

Anonymous said...

love the fabric,lucky friend

Anonymous said...

Cute apron! Don't you just love making surprises for people? Here's some patterns I've had good luck with:
Simplicity 2492
Easy Stich&Save by McCalls M4903
Simplicity 2691

I also like the books "Retro Aprons" and "More Retro Aprons"

Alannah said...

I just made an apron a few days ago! It is my first ever apron so it excites me!!

Karen said...

There are some really cute and fun free apron patterns on Sew4Home.com

The one you made is really lovely! Great job!

Cheryl said...

Sweetwater has an adorable apron pattern. I've already made them for my DD's and DDIL for Mother's day. I give my children (although all adults now) mother's day presents to let them know how honored I am for being their mom.

Barb said...

Just love your apron!!

Michelle said...

Try doing a search for tipnut she has a big list of apron tutorials, have fun!

Karen said...

I love the apron. What is the name of the pattern? I would like to make one and use the pocket for signatures and well wishes as a gift.