Friday, April 1, 2011

iPOD Cover - The Tutorial

Do you have an iPod Touch? I love mine and the cover that I made last year needed some improvements. So I revamped and made a new one. I love this new pattern so much - I had to share so you can make one too!

These would also make a great Christmas gift - and now is the time to start making those gifts!! 

Supplies needed:
2 Fat Quarters of fabric. (1 for interior and 1 for exterior)
Fusible Interfacing. (I used Pellon 987 fusible fleece)
3/8 inch wide Black elastic
Closure - Either snap or velcro would work.

Step 1: Cut a rectangle 11 1/2 x 7 inches from EACH fabric and the fusible interfacing.

Step 2: Fuse the interfacing to your exterior fabric.

Step 3: Mark your corners as follows
Bottom corners: 2 inches in by 2 1/4 inches up
Top corners: 2 inches in by 4 1/4 inches down
Mark both the interior and exterior fabrics

Step 4: Cut out the corners

Step 5: Next you will create the notch for the headphones. You will measure in 3/4 of an inch and 1/2 in wide.
To make sure you mark the appropriate place on each piece - put them RST (right sides together). 

Step 6: Place your fabrics RST and sew all around with 1/4 seam allowance. Make sure to leave an opening for turning.
Step 7: Before you turn, you will need to trim the outer corners and snip the inner angles. Both shown in the picture below. Make sure not to accidently cut the stitching.

Step 8: Turn right sides out and press. Next you will stitch all around the outside using 1/8 in seam allowance. You will be closing your opening at this time.

Step 9: Take the elastic and cut 2 pieces to 3 1/4 inches each. To ensure proper placement - it's a good idea to put the iTouch there if you have it. If you are making as a gift and don't have the iTouch handy - you can get a good idea of placement from picture below. Pin in place.

Step 10: Stitch in place. Stitching through all layers. I backed up once to reinforce the stitching.

Step 11: This next step can get a little tricky. You will fold over the elastic to stitch the other side. You need to get creative to keep it in place as you try to get under the needle.

Step 12: Next you will install the closure. I used a snap. I bought these at Walmart. They are very easy to install. Follow package instructions for installation.

You can also use velcro for this step. Either would work just fine.

Step 13: Sit back and enjoy your new iTouch cover!!

As always - if you have questions, don't hesitate to email me and ask. And if you make one - I'd love to see it!!  

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a great looking ipod cover Heidi! I'll be making some! Thank you.

PinkGranny said...

This is very nice. I am going to adapt it to fit my MP3 Player! Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Hendrix said...

Yeah thanks for posting it!! :D I can't wait to make one! :D

Angie said...

I wonder if an ipod touch is the same size as my 30g ipod, cause I NEED one of these! ;)


Lagene said...

Great design & great job!

Janet said...

I used your tutorial to make my husband an ipod case as a Christmas gift. He really likes it. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Janet said...

I forgot to mention that you can see photos of the ipod case on my flickr page over at jamleft.

Monika said...

Ooh, I like this! I had made my own tourchscreen phone cover, but it's gotten a bit worn, so I might make a new one using your method :) If you like to see my version, it's on

Danice G said...

Oh how stylish and useful! Thank you for this tutorial. 'Will have to try it myself. 'Found you on Sew -Licious Decor. Now following your blog :)