Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Quilters Treasure Chest

Have you ever purchased fabric because you loved it.. not sure what you would eventually make with it. Then when you finally have the perfect idea, you realize you don't have enough fabric? And it's been a couple years and you figure that it's long gone by now?

Well, I have a possible solution. Way back last year when I moved to Minnesota from Arizona, the first local quilt store that I visited had me in awe. I told you about it in this post. They have walls of precut fabrics. I was giddy when I found a charm pack for a fabric line that I thought was long gone.

Look at all those charm packs.. and layer cakes.. oh my!!

Anyway - I wanted to let you in on a secret. They have an extensive online store! And right now, she's having a 40% off sale on some fabrics. What a great way to build your stash.

So, if you have been on the hunt for a charm pack or layer cake.. or jelly roll... or yardage you thought you'd never see again.. I suggest you take a look at the Hingeley Road Quilt Shop.

You just might find what you are looking for!

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sunny said...

Wow - I'm going shopping right now! My local stores sell very limited, practically NO precuts! I think I should stock up on a few. Thanks for sharing. See you Friday night.

Maria said...

Oh Hiedi I wonder if the ship overseas. I go check. Thanks.

Will be joining you for FNSI because I may do a double one. Aussie Friday and yours. LOL

Anonymous said...

thanks Heidi i will head off over there now

Joan said...

What a great looking shop - I must make a visit.
Is there somewhere to sign up for FNSI - silly me cant find it...

Anonymous said...

You do know that they call this enabling, don't you... lol.

I visited and have a bunch of fabric bookmarked to buy once I find out if there's any extra money left after we get our son settled into his second year of college.

Quilt Doodle Designs said...

What an awesome shop! I see a roadtrip in my future... love their online store too, it's bookmarked!

Julianne said...

this is close enough but think the place would give me hives...tooo much to take in. thanks for all the creative pushes ..even on nights where I do no sewing I always find at least one new item for my "got to do list" and another "got to follow blog" Hugs to you and Bobbi.