Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night Sew-in... and a quilt-a-long

Well, my Sewing Buddy (aka: crafty vegas mom) and me got into the groove and had a Friday Night Sew-in last night.

We had a great time.. as always. We had each other laughing so hard yesterday that when we tried to talk, only squeaks came out. Have you ever laughed that hard? Makes me smile again today just thinking about it. hehe

My Sewing Buddy and I have decided this week that we are going to start the 9 patch that we've seen so much about lately. These quilts are so pretty and what an awesome way to work through our scrap fabric boxes.

We both made squares this past week and last night. We will be keeping each other motivated and following our progress as go. Here is my mini stack so far... I have 5 done. Only 65 to go.
Initially, we tried to set a realistic goal for ourselves because we have soooo many projects on our lists. So we had said that we would have them complete by next Mother's Day.. so when we see each other around that time - we can have a show and share. HOWEVER... these squares are so addicting, we might be done much sooner.

And "THANK YOU" to this blog and this blog for the inspiration (and not just inspiration for the 9 patch either!).
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