Friday, September 11, 2009

Get your machine warmed up...

Dig that unfinished project out of the closet.. and let's get sewing.

So here I sit.. anxiously waiting and getting ready for another Friday Night Sew-In with my sewing buddy - Bobbi. We get home from work.. get the family fed... kids and husbands settled.. and then we 'meet' for our virtual sew-in.

We are doing it a little different this time. In the past, we have worked on the same project. But tonight we are just working on some projects in our queues. With the holidays coming - we have a long, growing list of things we need to complete.

As we sew - we will be sharing pictures along the way and encouraging each others creativity. We love our Friday Night Sew-In's and it's been too long. (We skipped August.. but we were busy getting kids ready for school.. totally excusable)

I will be working on my quilt block for Meagan. Can't wait to post a picture for you all. That should be coming tomorrow.

I'm also hoping to work this weekend on my Friendship Bag for the swap. So stay tuned for those pictures also.

Happy Friday!!! Pin It