Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Perfect Cheeseburger!

One benefit to living in the desert southwest is that we can grill year round (without shoveling snow to get to the grill). And trust me - we are a grilling family. My husband is a master on the grill. He makes steaks that melt in your mouth.. and chicken that you can cut with a fork. He has truly earned his title of Grill Master!

A few years ago - I came up with a fun burger recipe and we haven't strayed from it since. And people have said many times "Wow.. these are the best burgers ever!".

So I've decided to share them with you. But once again, I don't have exact measurements.. sorry.
Start with your raw hamburger.. Add soy sauce and pepper. Don't just squirt a lil soy sauce in there.. as you can see from the picture, it's quite a bit. For 2 lbs of meat I would use at least a 1/3 cup.
Then comes the "secret" ingredient.. shredded cheddar cheese.
Mix all together - and form into patties. Now you can also season the patties if you would like.. we sometimes coat with pepper (we like pepper).
Then place on the grill and cook. We also butter and grill our buns.. YUMMY!!

Top with all your favorite toppings.. pickles, mayo, ketchup, mustard... etc. These are the juiciest burgers you will have at home.. trust me! And as you can see, I served on a paper plate.. cuz I'm classy like that.

And if you are the neighborhood on New Years Eve.. stop over. We are grilling steak and crab legs!! Bring dessert!

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Bobbi said...

yes...they are GOOD! ill bring dessert and landshark.

Needled Mom said...

Sounds, what time is dinner?????

Jocelyn said...

oh wow this looks so yummy!

SueWis said...

Looks delicious! A local restaurant puts cheese curds in their burgers, so I imagine this would be similar. Why have I never thought of this before? Thanks!

Gene Black said...

the "desert southwest" is a little far for me to drop by..but mmm grilled crab legs.... I have never had them grilled but i love them steamed or boiled so why not.

I will have to try the shredded cheddar in the burgers. Sound yummy

Val said...

This is so funny. We both did a post about our husbands cooking! The hamburgers sound great and I will try them for sure. We are actually doing a ham for New years day. My honey cooks it very slow on the grill. It is the best ham in the world. ( or at least it is to me). We like these men that cook don't we?

julia said...

I just came back from a visit to Phoenix. My daughter lives out there. We grilled burgers, too! Christmas was lots of fun out there. More colorful lights for sure. People in the SE use mostly white lights. I just found your blog and became a follower.

Pam said...

Hi Heidi!
Can't wait to try your recipe. We are a grilling family as well- since it's cold and snowy here, we use an outdoor heater. Actually when I say "we" I mean John. I don't want to go out there. :) I am so glad the pillow arrived- I couldn't believe it was going to take so long to get to you! I'm also thrilled you like it. Pam

Nichole said...

those do look pretty yummy!

Mrs Quilty said...

That looks delicious! I will definitely try that, but with all the snow coming down right now, it'll be a few months before we can BBQ! It is surely like a blizzard out there and beautiful. Just glad we don't have to go anywhere!!! I mean it is really coming down!! I still have my Arizona cup by my sewing machine and think of you often when I see it!! Thanks again for your sweetness to me in the secret friendship swap! That was so fun!! A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS!!