Monday, December 7, 2009

Reindeer on the loose..

No not really. But we did make some reindeer t-shirts this weekend. First, we made one for Grandpa.. and then we made one for each of the boys to wear in our Christmas picture. The last time we made these was in 2006.. so we were due for some new hand/foot prints. The antlers are their hand prints.. and the face is their foot. So cute. I've been saving the old ones and hopefully when they are teens.. I will add them to a t-shirt memory quilt.

Below they are both wearing their individual shirts by the fire... Sunday morning. We were trying to get a good Christmas card shot.

Next I made these little pouches this weekend. My Mom was telling me about a Christmas lunch that she is going to with her friends on Friday. She wanted to bring a handmade gift for each person. She had been trying to crochet them all something, but her arthritis was giving her trouble. So I offered to make these for her - they hold a tea bag.. and they have a poem on each.
The poem says:
One Christmas Day
At half past three
Brew yourself a cup of tea
I'll think of you and you think of me
while sitting near
the Christmas Tree
Now I just need to get the package with Grandpa's shirt and the tea pouches to the post office.
Also - if you are still wondering who won the Friday Night Sew-in Giveaway.. we will announce tonight. Bobbi will actually do the drawing from her house this time.. and she is mailing out the goodies. So come back tonight and see who won!
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Val said...

Oh I just love these little tea bag gifts with the poem. The shirts are darling too. When is the next sew in? My hubby had a minor surgery today so I sewed while he was recooperating.

Maria said...

Oh Heidi I just love your reindeer t-shirts. I am sure Grandpa will enjoy wearing his.
What a nice little gift for Mum to give her friends.
Yes I saw who won.Congrats to Sue.