Friday, March 12, 2010

The ole Football injury...

So after school yesterday - my 5th grader asks if he can meet his friends at the park for a game of football. Naturally I say "Yes, just be home in time for dinner".

About 45 minutes later.. there is a bang bang on the front door. I go to open it and it's my son. The minute he see's me, he starts to cry. "Mom, I hurt my arm.. Alex landed on it when he tackled me."

It was starting to swell - so his Dad put ice on it.

Fast Forward 2 hours... The conversation goes something like this:
Mom: I think I should take him in

Dad: No.. it's not broke, he can move his fingers and wrist.. he's fine

Mom: Just because he can move fingers doesn't mean it's not broke

Dad: Trust me.. I've seen these kinds of things.. It's not broke

Mom: I think it's broke

Dad: It's not broke

Mom: I'm going to error on the side of caution. I'm taking him in.

Fast Foward an hour - We have a confirmed broken Radius in the forearm. His Right arm.. and he's Right handed.

This is just the splint - he will be getting his cast Monday morning.

In the eyes of a boy.. that's one awesome Trophy!!

Lesson Learned: Never ignore a Mother's Instinct!!!!
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Jamie said...

I completely agree with that! Dr. Mom always knows best...sometimes even better than the doctor with the degree! Hope he heals quickly!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Ahh poor boy!! Good instincts!

Jane said...

He looks so proud of himself, lol. Hope the healing process goes well.

Micki said...

Hope it heals quickly, but he looks happy in the photo.

retdairyqueen said...

Ah Yes Mom always knows best and the sooner these men realise it the better off we will all be
He doesn't look to upset about it
Hope it heals quickly

Libby said...

Awwww! Poor Guy! Boys do like their casts don't they?!

Wonky Girl said...

Oh goodness, my son broke his arm at age 14. Two days after the cast finally came off he broke it again just inches lower from the first break.
Good you took your son in, our doc said kids go into shock with broken bones, then you have two emergencies!
Bless his heart and yours too mom!

Poppyprint said...

Poor guy (well actually, poor you, too...I see a lot of homework in your future :-)).

Unknown said...

mom's intuition cant be beat.....

Annie said...

My son who is now turning 25 broke both his arms at around the same age and believe me the pain soon subsides but the bragging rites never do. Hope he heals without complications. Always trust your instincts.

SheilaC said...

Good thing you listened to your heart and took him in. Hopefully it will heal quickly. I am sure he will have fun getting his cast signed :)


Val said...

Why don't these men listen? They would save themselves a lot of trouble wouldn't they? We have some painters painting some apts for us. My hubby had to take more trim paint to them yesterday. I suggested getttng wall paint at the same time to keep us from having to go this weekend. Well guess who had to go buy paint and head over there 30 min. from home??? ME.

Val said...

I forgot to tell u that I hope your son is doing good and hope he will be ok. Moms always know best.

Michelle said...

That's right! One Mom to another - ALWAYS trust your gut!

Football Physio said...

Wow, talk about deja vu!

I remember my parents having an eerily similar discussion when i broke my arm as a kid!