Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Potholders Received!!

I received the nicest surprise in the mail today. At first when I saw the box.. I was perplexed. I hadn't ordered anything online recently... or had I?? You know those moments.. did I.. had I been sleep shopping on ebay again? But after only a few moments of wonder.. it hit me "This must be from my potholder swap partner!!"

Once I realized it.. I couldn't run to the house fast enough. Straight to the kitchen for a scissors.. and this is what was in my box..
Did I get the best Potholder Pass partner or what!!! Her name is Debbie and she's from New Hamshire as you can see. She learned from reading this post that my 10yr old collects license plates. He was so excited when he got home from school! He already has it hanging on the wall in his room.

I love the Potholders! I have a thing for grommets too. And some yummy fabric included.

Thank you Debbie! You made my day!
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Bobbi said...

HOW COOL is THAT! wtg debbie!

Poppyprint said...

How awesome that she did covert research on your blog and sent a plate!!! Plus, those potholders are gorgeous.

Karin said...

The potholder are great + the goodies for you. How sweet from your swap partner to sent a license plaid for your son.

Jamie said...

Awesome! I love the grommets, too!

Anonymous said...


You are very welcome and when I saw this post this morning...well, you made my day.