Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snakes, Bats and Flowers

Bobbi has gotten me into stitchery lately.. just what I needed, another hobby. Well, my boys have become interested as well. They started last night with these simple snakes.. so cute.
Pretty good since he was doing it with his left hand!
We turned Michael's into a pillow. Joe still hasn't decided what he wants to do with his. He might frame it. Michael sew'd the pillow (with mom's help). But he did the snake all by himself.. he even colored the inside with colored pencil.

Then I made a 'Goofy' bat. It's mini - that's what he wanted. His brother wants a big one - like the Goofy Doll size - I'll be sewing that tonight.
Did I mention it's Spring Break right now? So my days are filled with activities to keep these monkey's busy. We also planted all our flower pots.. front and back.
We planted Strawberries....
And also planted Garlic - but no picture since it looks like a pot of dirt right now.

And here is a snapshot of how my afternoon ended...
I really need some "Me" time and it's only Wednesday... maybe I'll sneak out for a walk ALONE after dinner!
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Jamie said...

Awww! They are great little projects! My boys love to stitch too. It's a great fine motor skill activity. Your boys did a fantastic job!
I am a little jealous of your flower pots... we won't have flowers like that here for a couple months. Yours are really pretty!

Poppyprint said...

What fabulous snakes!! I find that boys really like embroidery and I even know several that knit. You've gotta get them before they are about 11, though, when they have firm ideas about what's cool (and more importantly, what's NOT).!! Way to go on the fab spring break activities Mom.

Bobbi said...

those are GREAT!!! hey, jamie is having a giveaway for a stitching kit! its how ive been winding down later at night. im sooo jealous that you went on a picnic.

Bobbi said...

ps....i think matt wants a bat! ;)

Jane said...

Great snakes and a lovely way to make good use of them

Julia said...

I started to ask where you live, but looked on your profile to see. I haven't seen a real flower growing in a while!!! I was hoping my forsythia would be blooming by now. My daughter lives in Phoenix, too. Actually very close to Glendale.

Kim said...

fantastic projects for the boys....did you know that boys in Scotland make their own sweaters.
What a great skill to pass along.

I'll brag and tell you my son makes drapes and hunting clothes for himself because he can't stand to pay full price!

Here's to making our boys REAL men :0)
Happy sewing

Judi said...

Great projects with your boys. I love the pillow...the snake..the smiles. Thats a terrific bat too. I'll have to come back and see what you do with that.

I love your flowers too. You are so ahead of us....ours will come in another couple of months even though the temps are unusually high in the mid 60s.

have a great evening...sewing..
hope you'll come by to visit..

dianne said...

i'm gonna have to show this post to my 9-year-old grandson - he's been told by his step-father and step-uncle that REAL boys don't stitch (or cook or clean or cry) - i can't think of a more real boy than one who stitches with an arm that was broken while playing football